How I feel at the end of the academic year (h/t Professor Wagstaff)

Some day, Faculty Assembly, some day… [youtube

Unclear on the concept

Me: Who’s stupid enough to try stealing a police cruiser? Emily: When you need a ride, man, you need a ride.

Sunday comics line of the day

Rob: It’s trendy. Bucky (the cat): Really? It’s trendy to look like the guy who got fired as the village idiot at the Renaissance fair due to hygiene issues?

Zuckerberg didn’t kill privacy

Question: ‘Why did Facebook go public?’ Answer: ‘They couldn’t figure out the privacy settings either.’ Zuckerberg didn’t kill privacy

OH: Joys of teaching

Student: So did I miss anything last class? Teacher: Nope, I awkwardly stared at the class for 50 minutes. But you should stop in next Wednesday, I’m thinking of covering some stuff then.

"I assure you, there is very excellent services committed at the bridge."
- Fluellen, Henry V